How life insurance can help you

How life insurance can help you

Here are a few ways that life insurance can give you and your loved ones choices when you need them most, to protect the life you’ve worked hard to create.Starting a family

Three little words that change our lives in a very big way. From that moment on we’re no longer just living for ourselves, and there are choices to be made. What kind of pram should we buy? What’s the safest car seat? Should we find out if it’s a boy or a girl? And while all these things matter, one of the most important decisions you can make is, what would happen to my family if I pass away or can’t work?

Life and income insurance means you can make sure your family is still looked after, and they have options to continue enjoying the life you’ve planned for them.


People starting a family often consider:

Life Insurance

  • Protects your family’s future and gives them options if you are no longer around.

Total Permanent Disability Insurance

  • Gives you options to help you live a better quality of life if you are permanently disabled and can’t work.

Income Protection Insurance

  • Provides you with an income to help you continue living your life if you have had an injury or illness and can’t work.

Recovery Insurance

  • Means you have choices so you can still make the most of life if you have a serious illness.


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