Trauma Insurance

Also known as living cover or critical illness

Trauma Insurance

You should be totally focused on your recovery and this helps you do just that. It pays a lump sum, which is tax free to you and can be readily used to cover;

Medical Costs.
Rent and other living expenses.
Loss of income for both you and your partner should they have to take time off work to care for you.
Pay of debt such as mortgages and credit card.
Ongoing expenses incurred during your recovery period.

Why should I have it?

Every second Australian will suffer from Cancer before the age of 70.

One in Three Australians will suffer a cardio vascular condition such as a Heart Attack or Stroke

Many treatment can be costly, some cancer treatments can be in excess of $20,000 per month

What is covered?

Here is a list of some conditions that are covered:


Benign Tumors

Heart Attack

Coronary By-Pass Surgery



Major Head Trauma


Spinal Damage

Severe Burns

Dementia, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease

Motor Neuron Disease


Loss of Hearing or Speech

Chronic Kidney, Lung or Liver Disease

Muscular Dystrophy


Cognitive Loss




Organ Transplant

The alternative to not having Trauma Insurance is often catastrophic including;

Not being able to afford the best treatment available

Not being able to take the appropriate time off work to recover properly

Having to sell your home or other assets

Asking friends or relatives for help


We receive more lump sum claims from Trauma cover than any other lump sum policy. When I first discuss this cover with my clients, most will say “I won’t ever need this”. I have had numerous claims within one year of people telling me this. Please check out some of our testimonials.

To receive more information on how Trauma Cover can benefit you and your family please contact us.

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