Personal insurance is important

Find out why it is important to have personal insurance before you need it.

One in Two Australians will suffer from Cancer. One in Three will have a heart attack or associated condition. The average Australian family only has enough financial reserves to survive 3 weeks without an income if they were to suffer a disability either through and accident or illness…

Income protection

For if you're unable to work due to illness and injury. Just one of the many services that we offer.

Here are the three little things that make us special: THE RIGHT POLICY: We collect your information &  find several policies allowing you to have options.

We’re here to help you

Find the best policy with NO Loop Holes and the cheapest premiums

Our advisers pride themselves in keeping up to date with the various policies on offer. Much has changed in our industry over recent years and the policies available if set up correctly can save you up to 70%! We’re here to help you find a policy for you at an affordable price.

Don’t pay too much, talk to us first!
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We have the Insurance solution for you! At Yes Insurance Solutions we put you first.

Do you get overwhelmed with your insurance? You want to set up Life Insurance, Total Permanent Disability, Trauma, Income Protection or General Insurance. Di it the easy way, just tell us what you want and we will do the research and find the quotes for you. We make the calls – We do the work! Then we bring the information to YOU.  We’ve saved many clients up to 70% on their premiums.

Oh, and by the way, we don’t charge you a cent.




Insurance made easy with US.

We’ve saved many clients up to 70% on their premiums. It’s the YES difference!