Some people who have trusted us so far:

Lisa Smith

Bodo has been easy to work with and often telephones me to see how I am progressing. I am now extremely happy that I made the decision to ring Bodo and ask him to get me the best policy that suited my needs.

About three years ago I decided to do self-managed superannuation. This also meant that I had to buy income protection. In the past I have been with which ever superannuation fund my workplace recommended.

The fees seemed quite high with my new income protection insurance. I spoke with a friend who put me onto Bodo. Whilst the fees were no cheaper Bodo was able to get me $100,000 trauma insurance included for the same price. I left my first workplace leaving behind 800hrs sick leave, my next work place leaving behind 920hrs sick leave and I have been working at my current work place for 3 years so I had 6 weeks sick leave accrued. I do not take sick leave, my grandmother died at 96 and my other grand parents died in their 80’s. Why was I paying this much income protection when I was healthy and my grandparents lived long lives?

On the 12th of May 2016 I was in Melbourne attended the Hesta Nurse of the year awards. I was one of the 5 national finalists. One week later I was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer/tumour. I started radiotherapy on the 11th August. This is the reason I found out that I was paying over $600 a month income protection/ trauma insurance. I received the trauma insurance which gave me considerable peace of mind financially. I am currently waiting the agreed 13 weeks before I can access the income protection. I have income protection until I am 65 years old rather than the income protection that lasts 2 years if I had stayed with the work superannuation fund.

Thank you, to Bodo.

Jason Peterken Flying Doctor, Cairns

We had just bought our new home and with three children under 10 years old I wanted to make sure that if anything happened our financial goals and the family would be financially secure. I asked Bodo for some advice and was immediately impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of the “Yes Insurance Solutions team”. Bodo conducted a thorough search and we made a number of applications to make sure I was covered for all my activities which includes paddling, surfing, skiing and flying in small aircraft for my job. He made sure the policy was fully underwritten and I knew what was included and excluded from the cover.

On a recent skiing trip to New Zealand I broke my collarbone and even though I had the 30 day waiting period I was paid from day 1 through the specific injury benefit. Receiving this benefit helped me get through my time off work without falling behind on mortgage payments or affecting our lifestyle, it certainly took the pressure off and made my recovery an enjoyable process.

If you haven’t contacted the Yes Insurance Team yet make sure you do soon.

Beau Hargrave Employed Electrician, Mackay

When looking for an Income Protection I was lucky to be put in touch with “Yes Insurance Solutions” by a friend. I contacted Bodo and he understood exactly what I needed and quickly found a policy that suited all my requirements. I was sure that I would never have to use this policy but within only I month after taking out the policy with “Yes Insurance Solutions”, I broke my collarbone. Even though I was off work for just 1 week I was paid for a full month of disability under the specific injury inclusion of the policy. I was surprised how easy it was to claim and Bodo took care of all the paperwork for me. I would not have been able to set up the right policy for myself and would not have known that I was eligible for a payout if I hadn’t contacted Bodo.
Matt Powe Real Estate Agent, Powe Property Cairns
…the information received in this meeting made me realize that I did not have the best policy in place for my needs. Within a couple of days the Yes Insurance Solutions Team came up with a better policy with more benefits and saved me 30% on my premiums.
Office Manager, Cairns
When I was diagnosed with cancer one of the first people we contacted was our insurance broker Bodo at Yes Insurance Solutions, I was relieved to find out that my Trauma policy covered me for this condition. It was wonderful to have Bodo take care of handling the claim, which was paid in full within a couple of weeks. This gave me more time and energy to focus on recovering rather than worrying how we would survive financially and trying to work out how to claim on my own.
Houa Chang Owner of Aroma Hair
…finding the right plan for me was confusing with so much information from different companies on TV and the Web… Bodo from Yes Insurance solutions… explained everything very clearly, found a great plan that covered all aspects of my situation and I was surprised to find how affordable the premium was.
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